Key Colony Beach Testimonial

WE LOVE TO WIN WITH VIDEO – Did you recently make a rental investment purchase?
florida keys social media video The Testimonial for Better Homes & Gardens Destinations

Florida Keys Social Media Video

The work I do is local Florida and Florida Keys. Some weeks are wedding or elopement and real estate or rental property shoots. And Drone video of the Florida Keys is ALWAYS popular.

Occasionally I get the chance to ‘tell a story.’ Like with this smart young couple who’ve made clever money moves and purchased an investment property in Key Colony Beach. With Erin Kiel doing the work of finding the property and helping them secure ownership.

This testimonial reminds me of when I worked as a journalist and had free reign over what went into the story. Except editorial staff would re-shape the stories. To fit whatever agenda. And it was like half telling a story.

Videography, film, cinematography feel more democratic. I have more freedom here since my ‘editor’ and ‘the owner of the newspaper’ don’t get final say anymore. So their particular political agenda does not stifle my creative work.

Yeah I am all about strong people who love freedom and independent thinking. The message probably flows into the work I do.

The important critics of these films are the paying client. And the end user.

And THAT dynamic I handle so much better. I’ve grown confident in deciding what does appear in my films.

Except this one time when a bride surprised me when she demanded a ‘person’ removal and that was an unfavorable brother who I filmed at her wedding.

Speaking your mind on camera is not easy – Gene and Lindsey did a fabulous job! We had no time to prepare.

I really like this one.

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