Rea Estate Photographer


Shoot professional real estate photography MLS ready stills – Interior, Exterior, Drone.


Sony Alpha 9, double battery pack. Lens – Sony 10-18mm F4 Wide Angle. Godox V1 on camera flash. 2 AD200Pro’s. DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Moment Adjustable ND & Polarizing Filter


Sony Alpha 9 – Interior Shots  Ambient Shots – Bracket 3, 1.0 Ev. Window Flash – Bracket for windows. RAW, AWB, DRO Level 5. Continuous Auto Focus.

SS 1/25 to 1/80 for ambient non flash shots. F7. ISO320 Flash Shots SS 1/250 + ISO64+ F7.

Flash Zoom 105mm V1 1/128, A 1/64, B 1/64

Drone RAW – Auto Pre-Set High Dynamic Range settings. ND (Moment Lens) Polar filter turned to low.


Adobe Lightroom Desk Top HDR & Flambient (photoshop for lovely windows) Raw and DNG files imported and edited to highest poss resolution.

Original Aspect Ration, Straightened, Clarity, Tone, White Balance, Sharpening.

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