Nada Khalaf-Jones photography and film maker

Hi I’m Nada Khalaf-Jones. I am a female a mother a career scuba instructor and journalist – live in the Florida Keys and make a living as an independent photography and film maker, drone pilot and creative content editor.

I have days that I so totally struggle to believe in myself. But I always take that self doubt and make it into content. Or go run a 5K.

wedding photography

business, real estate and wedding films from key west to key largo

I’m found photographing in nature, constantly. I can be wherever you are. Book $125 portrait 30 minute packages for September 1 – December 2021. We love to film our sessions, and edit so fast you’ll have shared the film before the photos are even edited.

WEDDING CHICKS – not the other guys! Everyone needs a ‘seal of approval’ I got mine. By putting me on their website it exposes me to multiple clients: brides and grooms. Wedding Chicks has me verified as a pro at what I do. This removes the fear factor somewhat. And since they’ve verified I’m a vendor with great credentials it helps sort out the information too.

Wedding Chicks Think This Looks Fabulous!

Searching for Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography does not happen alot. But Florida Keys wedding photographer or family photographer – I have a chance of popping up.

So I have been working on promoting what I do, locally, via the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce and The Islamorada Chamber of Commerce. As well as my own social media accounts.

We Immediately Share Good Photography & Film Work

Drone Photography & Drone Video

As a professional journalist and scuba instructor turned photographer and film maker (drone too) I know you personally are all film makers and photographers.
So why not harness that everyone is goid at this edge? Giving my clients help with their skills to learn to do it themselves. I think there is plenty more creating we can do if we work smart and stay creatively flexible. And team up. Crowd sourced weddings are my new drive.

Crowd Sourced Films – Social Sharing Film Work

We’re excited about this. These social films should also interest family portrait, seniors and other business photographic clients too.

Behind the scenes is sooooo hot right now. BTS they call it. So, why not give that option to clients. And I personally want to make it all more affordable for the brides and grooms. Since money is always a challenge to come by.

Wedding Photographer & Wedding Film Maker

Wedding Chicks Think You Look Good!

Wedding film wedding photography – we do consider them both to be equally beautiful and effective!

Wedding film – when the front row of the wedding party guests are all holding their phones in portrait mode filming at 4K60fps what can you say? Except GO FOR IT! Let me help you:)

Crowd Sourced Wedding Film

YES! To Crowd Sourced Wedding Films!?

We offer the option for guests who want to film to use our tripod and phone mount.

$125 to rent the kit – includes the tripod, standard sized smart phone mount which can be angled – a shade. Set to 4K60FPS. Most are stabilized so shake is reduced.

Why? Well that way your guests can relax and enjoy while the phone does the work.

WHY NOT? I see no limits here.

$275 to rent the GoPro & SD Card kit – includes the tripod, the mount which can be angled – a shade and a 32GB SD Card you take with you. Set to 4K60FPS or slower motion like 120FPS

Why? Well that way your guests can capture you in GoPro’s super sharp and ultra wide angle look! They are uber stabilized too! Shake is minimal.

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