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Presenting a short blog by Nada Jones Weddings and Skybornvisual Films.

make your own postal & social wedding invite

Wedding drone film is so perfect for that amazing beginning we are all after! Our fave shot is this ‘pull back’ – check out more wedding shots at the film channel

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1) Gathering – Photographs You Can Make

Make the photos. Not a photographer? Oh yeah? Android & Apple iPhones are great for their smart portrait effects. Film clips too. Grab a sunset snippet or photo of some birthday flowers, bubbly and flowers, a mail box save it on your ‘notes’ on your iPhone.

Edit in Adobe Spark. Go thru a short list of shots you like. Make sure the coolers vibe together. Mail boxes are my new fave thing to photograph. SO I included them to imply ‘rsvp’ u are being invited’

Also the type and font and graphics in adobe spark makes it super clear what you are sending people. Also Adobe’s ‘gifs’ are great for flowers, weddings, birthdays, all calendar holidays.

Add the elements together in Adobe Spark and start mixing.

Simple. The ‘Korbel’ engagement photo shoot in Key largo cost the couple $275 for 3 hours. I kept a few photos, because I knew the colour would work. And, Korbel even loved it so much they shared on their Instagram account.

Then I found the mail box during a recent real estate photo shoot and film production. I mean who does not like antiqued copper with that oxidised look. It was the perfect background to put bright flowers onto to send the message.

Finally the wedding veil – tangle! I was a, not very good, second shooter at a wedding at Playa Largo, Key Largo. Improved quite a bit since then, I hope. But you can make your own, grab a gauzy piece of material and have a friend or sibling be the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ This shot also looks fabulous in the middle of a busy road, city or at the mall. Get close up. Make sure you have light. How could you not use that? So. There you have it. Do it simple.

this wedding was at Playa Largo Resort, Key Largo – wedding veil’s easy to replicate.

2) Share With Adobe Spark, US POSTAL SERVICE

SHARE YOUR DESIGN INVITE BY EMAIL OR TEXT – so easy with web or app version of Adobe Spark. First duplicate and make different versions of your design, let’s say you want Pinterest size, Instagram story or post size, Linkedin Header or profile? You can do all that. Once you have your design complete. Then share directly from Adobe Spark’s creative dashboard or download tp your desktop or phone.

Share or save as a photo, gifs, text, colours, and hundreds of layouts in multiple formats and sizes – as a .png, .jpg. .mp4 they are trying (beta testing) and adding new formats all the time.

share a photo of your invite or design

share a mini film animation

share a design with photo, text and a 15 second video

send that by text or email

SHARE YOUR INVITE BY MAIL Using US Postal Stamps 2021

buy the ‘love’ stamp here

film for your birthday, wedding, real estate sale

Wedding Drone Film – You Need It!

Monstera Tropical Bouquet?

Wedding Flowers are so popular no matter what size wedding. There have been 100’s of different bouquets clutched by beautifully attired brides and grooms over this last year. Faves are definitely the Monstera Tropical Bouquet.

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